CAPiTA Stairmaster

2009 Transworld Good Wood winner for Freestyle Boards under $400.

Whispered words, secret handshakes, metaphors, jargon, signals, and ciphers. The world is encrypted. Sometimes we are the insiders, the outsiders, or the inbetweeners. Behind every sign is an unspoken truth. Be a part of or be apart. A wink, a nod, a knowing smile.

The Stairmaster originated as a board discounted out of the box that’s smaller, wider, softer, and designed for maneuverability around the park. The ride-ability of this series has become legendary in relation to the price tag, and the overwhelming demand for these boards continues after being named the #4 Men’s Freestyle board in the world under $400 while beating every other board in the Top 10 on price.

USA Retail $329 / Canadian Retail $419

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