CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy

2010 Transworld Good Wood winner for Women's Freestyle Boards under $400.

Before the Doom of Ayreon fell upon Bal Sagoth, there was The Last Dance of the Unicorn in the Final Summer. It was from that dance the Universal Migrator was finally roused from its millenia long slumber and thus hope was borne upon its flight. Godspeed you Atlantis Ascendant for the Doom is at your back and only the skull catacomb of the Temple of Thiell await if you shall fail.

Modeled after the Horrorscope FK, the reverse camber Flat Kick application of the SMF yields the same major results. Elevated contact points provide a very forgiving, fun experience for intermediate riders looking to expedite the learning curve, and pre-loaded camber
positioning helps expert level jibbers looking to impress.

USA Retail $349 / Canadian Retail $439


Lauren said...

dang, no love for deaf riders... just kidding, but maybe please caption videos? i am very interested in the space metal and wanted to see what the vid said... i forgot to demo one at the on snow, damn me

Zoƫ said...

Yessss finally a real SMF video :-D Nice work Hadar, so much looooove.