CAPiTA Horrorscope

2010 Transworld Good Wood winner for Freestyle Boards under $400.

Through the Horrorscope we peer into the cesspit of creative stagnation and general malaise that has plagued our world. An abomination abandoned at birth, crawling for breath, we find this newborn slithering painfully to the top of the pile. Nature always has an answer. And from the belly of desolation will we always find evolution. Unnoticed at first, this creature will grow strong. It will rise above the hardknocks, the beatdowns, the insults and ridicules, and come back with sharper teeth, deadlier poisons, and more powerful laser beams. Bear witness to the Second Coming.

The Horrorscope FK was born as a late release limited edition board for 2008 and the entire global retail allotment sold out within hours of its release. The demand was so strong we made an extra run of boards for our favorite shop employees, and have now added two new wide boards to the line up for 09/10. The reverse camber Flat Kick application means two things: one: Pre-loaded positioning for expert level jibbers, and two: easy turnin’, mindless shreddin’ for those intermediate riders that want to expedite the learning curve. The Horrorscope FK: TAKES NO EFFORT! STABLE AT HIGH SPEEDS! PERFECT FOR HANGOVERS! JIB LIKE A MAD MAN!

USA Retail $349 / Canadian Retail $439

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PLEASE!!!! Pretty Please do a video on the SMF! :-D