CAPiTA Saturnia

2009 Transworld Good Wood winner for Women's Freestyle Boards under $400.

From bouts with desperate love and desires beyond reach, we are familiar with the ways of a heavy heart. We’ve longed for change, and made a discovery. The willful retreat into an abstract immersion of youth can lead to happier times. Nothing but new wave, animal print, school supplies, culture clubs, mall jobs, and dreamy dates exist in our new world of joyous naïveté. With the exception of purple rain and boys named George, 80’s pop is still our culture. Now, if we can only be saved by the bell, we’ll party.

Engineered to be a “Stairmaster for Women,” the Saturnia is light, strong, and easy to ride through obstacles and jumps in the park. It has everything you need, nothing you don’t, and like the Stairmaster
series, the exceptional ride-ability and on-snow experience of the Saturnia greatly exceeds the price tag. Transworld Snowboarding Magazine’s test results held the Saturnia as the #3 Women’s board in
the world under $400, while it beat four of the top five boards on price.

USA Retail $329 / Canadian Retail $419

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