2010-11 Indoor Survival

These durable, responsive freestyle boards have become a customer favorite in the CAPiTA line because they’re proven to survive what you can give them inside or outside the park. They are our number one selling series in Japan. They have won a Transworld SNOWboarding Good Wood award for freestyle boards over $400. They are the go-to board for a majority of our team riders and as one of the most successful lines in CAPiTA history, we’re proud to offer these boards in both cambered and reverse camber Flat Kick versions. You pick!
USA Retail - $399, CDN Retail - $499, Euro Retail - €429, Japan Retail - ¥73,500


Nick said...

Simply awesome ammount of info on this page, really psyched to get my hands on a indoor survival + Force bindings for next season.
Any chance of a higher res version of the spec sheet for this board - I wanna check out the waist size make sure my binding size is gonna be ok for them rocking a size 10 boot.

Nose Dradamous said...


Right here Nick. Thanks.