2010-11 CAPiTA Charlie Slasher


A true tapered tail powder machine engineered to surf the white waves at a price you can afford. With freestyle inspired tip and tail shapes these boards have a single reverse camber area from the insert pack forward to keep your nose above the snowline. A mistake some companies make is engineering powder boards to have full rocker in the tail area as well. This reduces stability for stomping pow landings and requires more energy to keep your body weight properly distributed over your board in order to ride away. The Pow FK has a flat base from the mid section through the tail to make powder riding easier, conserve your energy, and transform the incredibly tiring powder days into incredible, epic, pow days.

USA Retail - $399, CDN Retail - $499, Euro Retail - €429, Japan Retail - ¥73,500

No friends on powder days... not any more.
You have lots of friends, and if they’re smart they’ll be slashing a Charlie.

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