CAPiTA Green Machine FK

At CAPiTA, we like trees. We even hug them from time to time and spent the last year of our lives building a planet earth loving, environmentally conscious snowboard. However, as sincere as our approach was to alternative materials, we didn’t want to make a cliché laden eco-board for the stony bros. You know, the one with typical directional shaping and tired, wood-grain, hippy-style, retro surf-guy graphics on them? Yeah…that, my friends, has been done. Our story required a simplistic deliverance bound by forbidden stimulus: singed patchouli, dread locks, dream catchers, hippy blood, and the existence of unsung martyrs from the nether havens. There was a compulsion to unleash the slithering hate from hell’s crevasses, and then an obligation to produce THE GREEN MACHINE. A destroyer of toxic pollutants and protector of the frigid landscape.

Our goal with this series was to engineer a progressive, bad ass, true twin freestyle snowboard with a sincere commitment to responsible manufacturing. A GREEN “Machine” with progressive graphics and top tier performance made for an educated consumer looking for an environmentally conscious product. For 09/10, we’re proud to offer these boards in both cambered, and reverse camber Flat Kick versions. You pick!

USA Retail $499 / Canadian Retail $649

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