CAPiTA Black Death, INC.

2001 Transworld Snowboarding Top 10 Good Wood.

In the year 2000, skulls on a snowboard graphic bordered on lame for anyone with an inkling of originality. The aesthetic reigned as a wretched plague marginalizing our creative culture. There were truly no parameters for its presentation or escape from its meaningless image. We were frothy mouthed and sick. Physically tired I can tell you, from seeing skulls on snowboards. With what started as an obvious mockery of our industry and ourselves, we lashed out and released The Original Black Snowboard of Death. The sarcasm was appreciated by some, completely missed by others. We walked a fine line being both critical of artistic stagnation and also true fans of the dark arts. The boards ended up becoming our best selling series for four years in a row and showcase the only graphic theme that has spanned all nine years of our existence. It’s a testament to the fact that no matter how tired it might seem, the exploitation of darkness, rebellion, and the unknown will always connect with a certain portion of society. The materials, shaping, and technical make up of these boards have evolved greatly over the last nine collections. However, to honor the series and the loyal fan base that loves these boards, we have revived the Original Merchant Of Death skull and die cut, the obvious reality that, “Death Sells.”

Black Death, Inc. incorporates the side cut theory and ride-ability of it’s award winning ancestors, and continues the Black Death legacy epitomizing all terrain freestyle design. With a lightweight and snappy AIR core, lightning fast base, and bomb-proof sidewall construction this series will undoubtedly retain the title of one of the best all terrain snowboards in the world.

USA Retail $459 / Canadian Retail $629

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