Capita Quiver Killer

2008 & 2009 Transworld Snowboarding Top 5 Good Wood Half Pipe Board.

In a time of chaos, a pantheon rose from the deep abyss. Blackened sorcerers summoned creatures from parallel worlds as grisly warriors stalked the peaks above. Mortals faced fatigue, famine, and mountainsides insurmountable without the weaponry of warlocks. Those weapons cut deep through the frozen slopes and slashed snow into the loin cloths of any warrior who stood in the way. The mystical weaponry was feared by man and god alike, emancipating the ways of the Quiver Killers.

With the recent reverse camber craze, many shredders are sharing lustful thoughts of a personal board quiver. If money really grew on trees, wed all have a closet full of snowboards, each with different shapes to address that particular days riding style. Unfortunately thats not reality for most of us, and luckily, now its not a necessity. If you ride everything and can only get one board this year, the CAPiTA Quiver Killer is for you. Hailed as the #3 half pipe board in the world and 2x Transworld Top Five Pipe Good Wood award winner, the Quiver Killer needs no warm up period. Comfortable and stable out of the box while still quick edge to edge, these boards can handle anything the mountain can dish out. And, with a price tag hundreds of dollars less than its Good Wood peers, these boards are undeniably the best high performance product for the price, industry wide.

USA Retail $379 / Canadian Retail $499

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