CAPiTA Charlie Slasher POW FK

2010 Baldface Bro Down Top Choice "Guaranteed To Get Wood" Powder Board.

Why is it that all the powder boards on the market have lame ass graphics and wack ass shapes? Ask yourself, “Do I get stoked to see a penis shaped tip on my board?” What about when I throw this bitch into a little 180 ollie for some fakie pow turns, just in time to get mauled by that split tail?
Do you really want to wiggle your way down the mountain like you’re in a bad ‘80s hot dog movie when there’s a foot of fresh begging to be DESTROYED?
When we think of powder days, straight hauling ass comes to mind. First chairs, solo rides, and a search for the next untouched zone. Double overhead pow turns, cliff drops, and no speed checks before blasting our favorite rollers into oblivion. That’s the shit that gets us stoked to wake up at 6am and be the first one at the hill. And, that’s the shit that motivates us to make this board for you. In building the ultimate powder weapon we had needs to be met:
1. Have a shape that looks like a snowboard, not a penis or a surfboard.
2. Float effortlessly in powder, while maintaining the ability to ride switch when and where we want.
3. Have a tail to stomp landings and power out of turns.
4. Be reasonably priced. In reality, how many days a year will you get the chance to ride this beast? Why should you pay $600+ for a special occasion set up?
5. Have graphics that are gnarly and will get you amped to shred the fuck out everything in sight.
No friends on powder days…not any more. Now there’s Charlie, let’s get radical.

USA Retail $399 / Canadian Retail $499

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Fes said...

Can't wait to get it. I'll be converting it to a split as I do have it in my hands. :)

By the by, when is the new site launching?