CAPiTA Stairmaster Extreme

Through remote viewing, time travel, and a solid understanding of the new fundamental physics I have created, I have made many new discoveries. In three dimensional time we are all subconsciously becoming who we despise. Life is a cosmic train wreck none of us can keep our eyes off of. We are finally catching up to every second of the past we created. Our dreams in which we astro projected into our future fantasies are unraveling into a sixth dimensional hyper reality. Some of us are beginning to realize these chaos nightmares of the masses are coming into fruition and we are unable to modify our future. Everyone's getting their kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames. The time has come to enter psychic wars that unnatural broadcasts send into the hearth of every home. Your 42" plasma flat screen is watching you as you lay limp under it's glow. Reprogram your cerebral circuits to transmit what you receive and embrace quantum interconnectedness. Exalt the new mysticism. Drop out, not bombs.
Too much remote, not enough control. X to the O – Corey Smith

The EXTREMES are limited in production and are primarily for a special customer looking for a unique product that not everyone else is going to have. They’re geared toward a progressive jib and park shredder that doesn’t want to break the bank, but is looking for more performance than the standard Stairmaster construction. They feature an epoxy glass configuration, sintered base, and cambered construction so they’re fast, strong, and have mad pop off park jumps. Combine that with a specially designed dampening system placed along the edge between the inserts, and these boards yield enhanced impact resistance as well. The performance in relation to price tag of these versatile freestyle boards is unmatched, and as a result, they’re the first ones to sell out every year.

USA Retail $429 / Canadian Retail $569

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